A little about me.

Herzliche Willkommen aus meine Web-site.

I hope all that visit this Site can find something in the work to bring a little pleasure. The aim of all Artists Web-sites, and probably most others, is naturally unabashed self-promotion. Of course I want the whole world to see my work, and to admire it. What Artist does not?

A little of my personal history; mostly true, as far as I can remember. I was born in 1961, in the village of Kirby Muxloe, in the english Midlands. I went to Art College in Loughborough, and gained a good BAhons. degree. I learnt to carve wood and stone much earlier.

Since leaving College in 1983 I have always been Self-employed as a Sculptor and have tried, not always successfully to earn my living that way. This continues to be true. I have always, however, been willing to do other creative work. Making costume dummies and reproduction casts for Museums, for example. Picture Framing. Working as an Art Gallery Technician, and occasionally Exhibitions Organiser. Also, from time to time, Building and Carpentry work.

As an Artist I have exhibited my work regularly and widely. I have also completed diverse public commissions; from Saints in Churches to Village Totem-poles, and calming, life-enhancing abstract sculptures for Hospitals. I have run carving and printmaking workshops in schools and community centres, and organised collective artists workspaces, always finding time to make sculpture for sale or for private commission.

In April 2000, being bored and frustrated with England, I ran away, with my then girlfriend, to the island of Kerkyra in Greece. There I have also worked as an Artist, but more often as a specialist builder on the renovation of old Corfiot houses. For over two years I was also in charge of an organic Kiwifruit plantation, untill other peoples jealousy and greed put an end to that carreer. Almost ten years after arriving in Greece, I left, mit meiner deutschen Frau, Berte, plus Greek dog, and disabled cat, to escape the inevitable collapse of the Greek ecconomic system.

I live now, as my adress shows, in Germany. I continue to exhibit whenever and wherever possible. My Studio is now open to the public by arrangement, and although I am still seeking the elusive Galleries who genuinely want to show and sell good work by living Artists, life is generally positive. I have found that the coldness of the German climate is more than compensated for by the warmth of the people. I am now a member of the professional artists organisation `Sculpture Network´, (www.sculpture-network.org)

And what about the Sculpture? My statement on the start-page says most of what I want in very consise form. Beyond that, the work comes naturally from my own desires, fantasies, and experiences. Often using recycled materials is important, as I become more and more angry at the amount of waste generated by society. Most of the work shown on this site is available for sale.  Even Sculptors need to earn a living. The prices are not so high if you consider the hours of skilled work involved in creating each piece.

If you find the work on this site interesting, or just want to talk over ideas, please get in touch. Personal contact is always welcome. Ich bin auch in Deutsch durch Post oder Email erreichbar. Oder rufen Sie mich einfach an.

For anybody reading this with the aid of the Google translation service, my appologies; the gramatical errors and occasional comic mistakes are beyond my control.

Meine Arbeit kann auch unter "Saatchi-Online", "Artists.de" und "Menschkunst.de" oder "Zeigdienekunst.de" gefunden werden.


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